Cooked with Love, Served with a Smile

We're all about freshness here, saying a loud 'NOOO' to anything frozen or half-cooked! Your taste buds and health matter to us, so every tasty dish on our menu gets cooked up from scratch when you hit that order button!

About Us


Get ready to flip the script on stereotypes with "One More Roti Please," your go-to spot for redefining the true essence of Indian cuisine. Picture this: a laid-back atmosphere where every bite is a burst of authentic flavor, bringing the streets of Bengaluru alive with a culinary vibe like no other.

At "One More Roti Please," we're all about satisfying those cravings without burning a hole in your pocket.We promises an extravaganza of taste, featuring delectable Rotis, indulgent Gravies, sizzling Tandoori Starters, succulent Kebabs, refreshing Beverages, decadent Desserts, and and more – a feast that'll have your taste buds doing the happy dance.

Hey, why go for the usual when you can jump into a realm of amazing flavors? Swing by in the heart of Bengaluru for a foodie adventure that's both laid-back and bursting with taste. "One More Roti Please" isn't just about eating; it's a whole mood, and we'd love for you to enjoy every second with us.

The Brand and Founder’s Story

From Vision to Flavor: Kaushik Pours Heart and Soul into OMRP

Kaushik, the visionary behind OMRP, has a tale that traces back to his roots in the vibrant city of Chennai, the "Gateway to South India." Steeped in a rich culture and renowned for its culinary innovations, Chennai laid the foundation for Kaushik's journey.

Post-graduation, Kaushik traversed diverse corporate landscapes, only to realize that destiny had alternate plans for him. A true epicurean at heart, Kaushik passionately embraced his love for food, seizing every opportunity to embark on a flavorful odyssey. His travels spanned the length and breadth of India and reached the shores of 19 countries, all in pursuit of novel tastes.

Beyond being a culinary explorer, Kaushik is a celebrated food blogger, known as "IMAGOURMET" or "I'm a Gourmet," endearingly referred to as "Kaushy" by his loyal followers in Bangalore. Despite the demands of his professional life, Kaushik consistently made time to savor unique culinary experiences, showcasing his unwavering dedication to his gastronomic passion.

A pivotal moment in Kaushik's journey was the enchanting allure of India's bustling street food scene. Captivated by the energy and flavors, he was inspired to share the joy of these culinary delights with his community. Thus, ONE MORE ROTI PLEASE (OMRP) was born—a manifestation of Kaushik's dream to not only savor but also serve India's authentic tastes.

Eager to spread the soul-soothing flavors, Kaushy opened the gates of OMRP, promising an authentic experience. Committed to using specially crafted in-house masalas and spices, OMRP is all about spreading the tasty love with homemade masalas and spices, making sure EVERY BITE FEELS LIKE A WARM HUG FROM INDIA.

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